Risk disclosure

Information about the danger education

We thank you for your willingness to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Be aware that this is a crisis and war zone. Therefore, an enlightened and risk-conscious behavior on your part is necessary. We at Haus der Hoffnung e. V. assume no liability for any damage to property or personal injury that may occur during your aid mission. Furthermore, we are not subject to any training or preparation obligation.

In the case of a hopefully never occurring personal injury, this would have to be documented and reported promptly to the accident insurance fund / professional association, which checks the accident insurance coverage and the responsibility.

Physical and mental stress

We expressly point out that these are activities in a crisis and war zone and that appropriate preparation is necessary and helpful.

Physical stress:

In some areas, minor or major injuries may occur due to parts of damaged roads and buildings lying around.

In addition, in some places there is an increased risk of infection, both due to the weather and hygiene conditions. (Hepatitis A, tetanus, etc.).
Mental stress:

In our work, it is important for us to give people a framework for telling what they have experienced. In doing so, we receive a high level of trust, which results in traumatic stories being entrusted to us. We support our helpers in dealing with these stories in the morning and in the evening. If something is particularly bothering you, don't keep it to yourself, but please approach us specifically for a one-on-one discussion.

Protective measures

Primary Care Physician
Check with your family doctor about necessary and useful vaccinations and refresh them if necessary. Please do not come without sufficient tetanus protection! Find out about any health risks that may occur.

Personal responsibility and rules
No ego trips
Avoid unnecessary dangers
Respectful treatment of helpers, affected persons and leaders

Wear sturdy, sure-footed shoes and appropriate clothing (sturdy fabric, no flapping sleeves, etc.).

Protective Clothing
Wear protective gear as directed by team leaders. Protective equipment will be provided. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)